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Behaviour-based safety (BBS) is an efficient approach to avoid occupational injuries, and its effect on work culture is spreading worldwide. Sustainability has become the trademark of H&S in the industrial world today, and the most companies are now scrutinising vendors and providers as never before. The potential internal impact and external credibility of a behaviour-based safety system contribute considerably to sustainability policies.


  • Help determine behaviour and recognise the purpose and scope of a BBS program
  • Distinguish between the supervisor and the employee roles and responsibilities.
  • Determine factors that cause incidents
  • Find out the best ways to establish a stronger safety culture in their organisation.
  • Identify the influences on Behaviour.
  • Determine how to observe Behaviour effectively.
  • Determine Behaviour support principles.
  • Specify ways to encourage workers and address the human factor.
  • Recognize the importance of mindset and how it impacts safety on the job.

Unique features

  • Unique features
  • Case Studies
  • Group Exercise
  • Historical Data
  • Interactive Sessions
  • Who should register for this course?
  • Health & Safety Personnel
  • Plant/Operations Personnel
  • Engineering Personnel
  • Regulatory Compliance Staff
  • HR Personnel
  • Course duration

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