Cinema Safety | NIIFS Fire & Safety Institute in Thane | NIIFS

Cinema Safety | NIIFS Fire & Safety Institute in Thane | NIIFS


Cinema Safety | NIIFS Fire & Safety Institute in Thane


1. Have A Plan

As the person in charge of theater operations, you’ve got to be prepared for any type of situation, including those that we don’t like to think about. In the event of an attack threat on your theater and its patrons, what are you going to do? Have an emergency plan that includes a way to warn and secure your moviegoers, evacuate people from your establishment when necessary

2. Train Employees On How To Handle An Emergency

Training your staff on a regular basis will drastically increase the chance of execution for your emergency plan. In the event of an emergency, trained employees are less likely to panic. They will be able to react sharply against the chaos, and will be able to assist the shaken crowd.

3. Keep The Aisles Clear

Check every theater room thoroughly, before and after a screening. Have your staff make rounds in every room during the movie to make sure the aisles are clear of people and belongings and that all safety codes are being upheld. Ensure that the emergency exits are not obstructed.  

4. Hire Onsite Security Guards

To ensure the safety of your patrons, look into security guard companies that specialize in onsite security guard service for commercial establishments. Having onsite security guards in your establishment can intimidate potential attackers and ward them off your theater.

5. Maintain Crowd Sizes

Keep your crowd sizes manageable for better crowd control during an emergency. During weekends, movie premieres, summer blockbuster seasons and holidays, hire additional security guards in anticipation of inevitably larger crowds. 






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