Event & Party Tent Safety Tips | NIIFS Surat

Noble Institute of Industrial fire Engg & Safety Mangement

Every year a fair amount of accidents involving wind blown tents occur around the country at weddings, family reunions, graduations, backyard parties, and celebrations.

(NIIFS) Fire & Safety Traning Institute wants your gathering to be successful,and safe.

Here is the Some safety Parameters & Tips for you


  • Tents should be completely secured with weights and/or stakes as soon as they are set it up and the tent should
  • be taken down as soon as the weights and/or stakes are removed.
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  • Tents weights should be attached to the tent at all times.
  • Tents stakes should be in place at all times.
  • Weights/stakes should be tied or secured to all four legs of the tent.
  • Weights/stakes should be secured/ tethered with lines that are clearly visible.
  • Do not place weights on the tent legs without attaching them to the leg. The tent can get pulled away from the weights when it is moved by the wind
  • Tent stakes are for use in average soil conditions. Wet, muddy, or s and y soil will require additional stakes and/or weights.
  • Weights should be placed in a manner so they do not cause cuts,scrapes, or other injures.
  • Weights hung from the tents should not be above people’s heads and secured from swinging
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  • Keep weights/stakes out of the main pathway of your guests and pets.
  • Weights/stakes should not cause a tripping hazard

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