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It is imperative that all of the residents are familiar with the fire protection
system in their building so they know what to do in case there is a fire.
The fire protection systems in apartment complexes have different fire safety features in
place. Below are some brief descriptions of common fire protections systems.The type of fire protection system that
is in place will depend on where and when the apartment complex was built.The apartment comp
lex was built to meet the fire code that was in place at the time of construction.


Now that you know a little
about the different types of fire protections systems
you can understand how important it is that at you have a Fire Escape Plan.
The time in which you are alerted of a fire in the building depends on the type of fire protection system that is in place. You may have minutes or only seconds to escape a fire. You must be prepared.Know the layout of your

apartment complex –

How many levels

Locations of stair cases

Nearest exits

In case it is dark, know the number of doors between your apartmentdoor and the closest exit. Be prepared to exit quickly once the alarm sounds:

Be prepared for the weather – have your family’s boots, hats, mittens, and coats in a place where they
can always be found.

Keep blankets in your vehicle. If you have a storage unit that is separate from the complex, keep blankets and other
necessities in the unit.

Always know where the keys to your apartment are so they are readily accessible. Try to take them with you.

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