Fire and Safety Institute | NIIFS

Fire and Safety Institute | NIIFS

Safety Interview questions
How many of you can pass this Interview? (just try)

1. What does the following stand for?
A) ELCB B) COSHH c) PEL d) Swl

2. What is the PEL of Hydrogen sulfphide ?

A) 8 ppm B) 10ppm c) 12 ppm d) 15 PPm

3. what are the Hazards when working at height? ( write any 4)

4. What are the element of audit?

5. what does the following stands for?
A) ppm B) STEL C) TLV d) LEL

6. Give three examples of excavation hazards

7. Why Halon type fire extinguishers are banned universally?

8. List any 2 safety measures at roof work?

9. What is the unit of light?

10. write any three environmental hazards on construction site?

11. write any 4 hazards in hot work activity?

12. Identify activity for hot work permit?
A) confined space
B) welding
C) unloading Materials
D) grinding

13. List 4 items to be considered prior to entering a confined space

14. What is the Min & Max percentage of O2 allowed to work in confined space?

15. Which is highly flamable among below?
A) Methane B) propane
C) Butane D) Hydrogen

16. write any three heat-stress related disorders?

17. Ratio of positioning ladders?

18. what is the voltage to be used for power tools?

19. List three occupational diseases in construction industry?

20. What is the Max. PEL for 8 hrs of noise?

21. Total capacity of bund wall should be ?

22. safety harness is required at the height of …………. feet?

23. Gaps between planks of platforms shall be no wider than …….. mm
A) 25 B) 20 C) 15 D) 30

24. Name the instrument used to measure wind speed ?

25. Guardrails shall be ……. inches in height
A) 42 B ) 39 c) 40
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