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Some Tips for home Fire and Safety Inspection

Electrical Safety:

  • Are appliances checked periodically to be sure they are in good operating condition?
  • Are you careful not to run extension cords under rugs, over hooks, and nails?
  • Are you careful not to twist, tie, wrap, or place too many bends in an extension cord?
  • Never tie an extension cord in a knot.
  • Are you using extension cords for longer than 90 days?
  • Are you careful not to use extension cords for appliances,space heaters, water heaters,and other appliances that
  • required more electricity?
  • Are you careful to make sure appliances like space heaters, water heaters, and humidifiers and dehumidifiers are
  • plugged in directly to an outlet?
  • Does the gauge of both cords match?
  • Do your lights dim when appliances are turned on?
  • Do your lights flicker?



  • Is the screen always in front of your fireplaces?
  • Has your fireplace been inspected and cleaned by a professional company?
  • Does your chimney have a “spark arrester” or spark catching cover?
  • Do you make sure combustibles are not stored near the stove, heater or fireplace?
  • Is your furnace in good condition?
  • Has it been inspected in the last five years?
  • Do you keep clearance around you furnace, wood stove, and water heater?
  • Is the filter for your forced air heater changed yearly and the venting cleaned?
  • Is your wood burning stoves in good repair and located away from combustible walls and ceiling?
Fire Escape Plan (E.D.I.T.H.)
  • Does your family have a fire escape plan prepared?
  • Is your escape plan posted and regularly practiced?
  • Does each bedroom have two ways out/exits?
  • Does your family know how to signal for help if they are trapped in an upper floor of your home?
  • Has someone in your family been assigned to assist younger children, senior living in your home, and anyone who is disabled?
  • Do all family members know how to dial 9-1-1 for fire, police and medical emergencies?
  • Do you show your babysitter the escape routes from your home and review 9-1-1 with her or him?
  • Does your family (and babysitter) know the first rule in fire emergencies: GET EVERYONE OUT FAST AND DON’T
  • Does your family have a meeting place?

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