NEBOSH IGC Basic informations

12 days course of NEBOSH IGC
3 papers 💯 marks each
Papers are
IGC-1 =100 MARKS
Pass mark=45
IGC-2 =100 MARKS
Pass mark = 45
IGC-3 = 100 MARKS
Pass mark =60
Which is a project paper.
Exam time for each paper is 2hr 30 minutes

IGC -3 project paper has to be submitted with in 10 day’s of course completation

Exam’s l b conducted by British council at Mumbai, Pune,Surat
Fixed Exam months are March,June, September, December
On other months we can have our own date’s for exam provided 50 days prior intemation to NEBOSH Authority.
Supplementary Exam fee
IGC- 1- 12500/- IGC-2- 12500/- IGC-3 -5000/-
For more information about our collaboration & course’s one can log on to

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