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Safety Tips For Industrial | NIIFS

  • Running propane- or other fuel-powered equipment indoors can cause deadly amounts of carbon monoxide to build up quickly inside rooms and other enclosed work areas.
  • Don’t eat, drink, or store food and beverages around hazardous chemicals. This helps ensure that contamination doesn’t happen
  • Stay alert for possible hazards during each task you perform, particularly during the final stages of a job. Don’t let familiarity with the job site dull your hazard radar
  • Be aware that unusually warm or hot outlets may be a sign of unsafe wiring. Unplug any cords to the outlet, mark the outlet as “Don’t Use”, and report the condition to someone who can safely follow-up
  • Don’t store boxes or other items in front of circuit breakers, fuse boxes, or other electrical panels
  • Never break off the 3rd prong (ground pin) on a plug or use a flexible cord that’s missing the 3rd prong.
  • Follow safety practices for the sake of your family and co-worker’s if you don’t want to follow safety practices for your own sake
  • Don’t let a spill ruin your, or your coworker’s, day. Safely clean up spills right away or mark the area to warn others and report the spill to your supervisor
  • Do not leave equipment lying around that can cause a tripping hazard at the job site
  • Don’t race for a parking space. Follow parking lot speed limits or, if no limit is posted, slow down anyway to allow safer reaction to unexpected occurrences

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